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This section will explore how the students have used portfolios in PE and how I linked them to assessments.

Could a sportfolio be the answer?

One of the problems we had as a department was that there is a lot of written work for PE and students found themselves being frustrated writing some sort of report to be assessed in certain criteria. Although we planned to ensure our students were not writing too much, we also found that students were particularly weak in Criteria A. Hence, why I created this 'sportfolio'. I have two examples here but both follow the same format.

The idea was that the students would visit their online sportfolio documents, which was shared to them on google drive via doctapus, each lesson, and share their knowledge, which was acquired during the lesson. This worked out to be an extended plenary, which made all students participate and did not use any of our lesson time. However the sportfolio had all the ingredients for Criteria A and D and if students stuck to the weekly deadlines, they would have finished their 'assessment' or 'sportfolio' by the last lesson, therefore leaving them enough time to complete other work for other subjects, which were all due in around the same time.

To achieve the unfamiliar descriptor for Level 7-8, we created unfamiliar scenarios in badminton using a go pro camera, where the PE teachers played several rallies and froze the video at a particular point, so the students could answer, what would you do next? with a justification of their answer.

The last section is an evaluation section, where students reflect on their performance as a whole for the unit. I'm not going to lie, I thoroughly enjoyed planning this unit because of the sportfolio and the video, and students generally got higher marks using this method. It gave me a better insight of what students were learning and although this is time consuming to design, it is something that you could use year on year with a few tweaks. Unfortunately, this was towards the end of my MYP days, so I did not really get to explore further, but hopefully I get to go through this again in the future.

Grade 9 Badminton Sportfolio: https://tinyurl.com/yam5e4h3

Grade 10 Volleyball Sportfolio: https://tinyurl.com/yc4qx7fb

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