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  • Majid Hussain

Peer feedback in basketball

Above is an example of a resource that I adapted from the masterclass led by Nathan Horne (@PEnathan) at the connected PE conference in Dubai. I had two teams playing a game of basketball and then the other team observing would split themselves into 2 groups. They would observe a team each and then tally how many bounce/chest/overhead passes, dribbles and shots were made with a X for every failed attempt. At the changeover, they would give feedback to the team.

To be honest, this was a rushed idea because I implemented this resource the next day after returning from the conference, as I didn't have time to create the worksheet (below).

The next lesson, I created a worksheet that allowed students to peer assess each other individually. It is the exact same concept as the previous lesson, but students were watching individuals rather than the team. This particularly worked well because students found it easy to understand, as it progressed nicely from the previous lesson, which helped with the smooth flow to the lesson.

However, there was some downsides to it. Not all students were able to get assessed due to time constraints and some students were disheartened by this. Unfortunately, I was busy assessing students, however in the future I could select students to watch certain students, but I could also assess the students myself.

Another important issue to highlight here is that these worksheets focus on the skills, and some of the students feedback with the skill they haven't seen. This was purposely done on my behalf, as our whole unit has been focusing on 'how to react and adapt depending on the situation(s)'. So we had a discussion about that a student may not have demonstrated that skill, as the situation has not presented itself, therefore pushing students to think more about the feedback that was given.

Attached is the digital copy of the worksheet that was used. Please feel free to use or adapt it to your context:

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