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Planning the


This section will show you an example of how I plan the PE unit, which focuses on outcomes per lesson.

Planning the MYP unit plan was a little different than planning in the PYP. There's a lot more guidance for the specialist subjects and this makes it easier when you begin the year deciding on global context, statements of inquiry, concepts etc. As a school, we also decided at the beginning of the year which subjects would be trans disciplinary, and this required a different way of planning. 

The template of the plan is given by IB and it is a little rigid. With new teachers to IB, this document was not enough and required individual lesson plans, but as it is intended, it gives you a brief overview of what the unit will entail. In this plan, I highlighted which assessment criterion will be assessed and then more explanation is given on the column on the right. The example given is a Grade 11 striking and fielding unit (rounders).

Grade 11 Striking and Fielding Unit Plan (Rounders): https://tinyurl.com/y8pabpo4

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