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This section will show you examples of a task assessment sheet used in MYP PE. You can also see the criterion that was assessed.

Another document that is required when planning a unit is the 'assessment task sheet'. When introducing the unit to your students, it is wise to spend some time explaining what the unit exactly entails and how they will be assessed, in particular which criterion. As you can see in this document, the highlighted section explains how they will be assessed for that particular criteria.

Included on the task sheet is the MYP PE rubrics for that particular criteria, which is taken directly from the MYP PE guidebook, and alongside it is the task specific rubrics. It is important to note that the task specific criteria is specific to the unit you are teaching, however the command words (in bold lettering) must remain the same. As you can see from my example, there's not much difference in wording but you can explain in whatever length so that your students understand.

Finally, I also include a task description, so that students know exactly what they need to do for the assessment. I add this task sheet to managebac (or a portal of your choice) at the beginning of the unit, so they can always refer back to it.

In this particular unit, we tried out a new method of. assessing students for Criteria A. Usually this was some sort of written report, but now with the apps that are available, students can demonstrate their knowledge a different way. This saved more time and students were a lot more enthusiastic towards their assessment.


Grade 11 Striking and Fielding (rounders) task sheet: https://tinyurl.com/yb44eowz

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