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Grades 7- 8


This page is designed to help you with any teaching ideas related to Secondary PE. I am currently teaching Grades 7-8 (2016/17), with our Grades 9-10 just participating in  1 hour core PE a week. These unit plans have been taught to specific year groups, but could easily be transferrable to other year groups . I know my unit plans are different to the standard plans, depending on the school/curriculum, but these are my own that I use for my own teaching. You should always tinker with plans to suit them for your context, but I do hope they can guide you like they have done for me.

Aerobic dance (Movement composition)

This unit focuses on students creating a dance routine. Do not worry, you do not have to be good at dance, as I am not. The creative units are one of my favourites to teach, as they are completely different and they tend to challenge the students in different ways. As you get with many movement composition units, the stereotypical views can get in the way, but if you create a good 'hook' at the start of the unit/lessons, they will be engaged throughout.


It was very much teacher led for the first two lessons, getting them to understand the basics and some key words they were going to explore. Get up there and learn a routine with them, they will respect/appreciate you more for it. Once they get a hang of things (usually by end of lesson 2), the rest of the unit is student led, preparing their routine for their final performance. The teacher becomes a true facilitator and ensures there is a focus for each lesson. I also like to focus on the different types of feedback to help them improve their performance, and a great way to integrate technology into your practice. 

Check out the unit plan for more in depth detail of how I taught this unit.


This unit focuses on learning the basics of softball. This is the first time our students come across this in their curriculum, especially when I have just included it in their curriculum this year (2017/18). Although, we are a British school, there's only so much rounders and cricket you can do, and we also had the equipment to play softball, so why not? It's an interesting unit because students at this point have the skills of hitting and fielding from rounders and cricket, however, a different rules and equipment makes them think differently regarding tactics and strategies.

Unfortunately, a short 6 lesson unit, but it worked out perfect with students just having to use their transferable skills from previous units to play this game.

Check out the unit plan for more in depth detail of how I taught this unit.

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