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Planning the


This section will show you an example of how I plan the PE unit, which focuses on outcomes per lesson.

One of the problems I had with the unit plans provided from the IB was that the teachers required more guidance than what it offered. My school's staff turnover is high, so I'm constantly challenged to train new teachers into the programme and with some teachers coming with no experience, the unit plan is too much to comprehend. Therefore, I created an internal unit plan for our department to use within our school. It has the same components as the IB unit plan, but with just an overview for each section, however the difference was that a lesson to lesson breakdown was provided to guide the teachers. This is what was practiced in the UK schools I worked in.


All my teachers preferred this template, so this was used for our planning. Everything was completed on this document and then transferred on the IB unit plan. Attached below is a template.

Grade 6 Games Unit Planhttps://tinyurl.com/jdn3hln

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